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NFC Smart Card Info

Libraries & Demo

This app shows Secure Element applications (a.k.a Java Card applet or Smart Card application) are installed on a contact-less Smart Card (ISO/IEC 14443-4) or EMV credit card using Android NFC phones.- Show tag ID, tag tech, 14443 card type (A/B), historical bytes- Show name, AID and brief description of detected applets- Log level preference: show various level of log detail including R-APDU via - Show HCE support status + P2P protocol type in About- Material Design UI
Notes:- Only work with NFC phones. - This app won't detect custom applet. It only works with known applications (with known AID).- This app is intended for information & development purpose only as I am a NFC developer.- This app does not save or transmit any of the read data. We don't collect data of any kind.
Supports 170+ card types such as:- Payment: VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Google wallet- ICAO Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD)- Card manager & Security Domain: VISA, Gemplus, JCOP, GP- CAC (Common Access Card), PIV (Personal Identity Verification)- UnionPay (China), PagoBANCOMAT (Italy), Girocard (Germany), Bankaxept (Norwegian), BAROC (Taiwan), Dankort (Danish), RuPay (India), BelPIC, Banrisul (Brazil), JCB (Japan) ...